Educational Objectives

Educational Objectives:

A. Cultivate research talents who are specialized in linguistics/sign language linguistics/Chinese language teaching and research fields.
B. Cultivate talents with creativity and critical thinking ability.
C. Cultivate talents with integration and application abilities in linguistics-related fields.
D. Cultivate talents with international vision, humanistic quality and scientific spirit.

Basic core ability training:

Possess cross-field integration ability and theoretical practice
Possess a complete basic theory of language science
Ability to observe linguistic phenomena
Ability to organize and analyze language phenomena
Possess basic scientific reasoning ability
Possess the ability of preliminary theoretical exploration
Possess the spirit of being good at cooperating with others and paying attention to academic ethics
Ability to conduct independent linguistic research
Ability to read and understand linguistic literature
Ability to find references for professional studies
Ability to independently write language description survey reports
Ability to participate in discussions at academic conferences on linguistics
Ability to present linguistics papers at academic conferences
Advanced professional ability training:

Possess cross-field integration ability and theoretical practice
Cultivate comparative skills across languages, spoken languages, and sign languages
Cultivate the critical thinking ability of academic argumentation
Cultivate the Integration Ability of Linguistic Theory and Teaching